Welcome To Study Abroad Limited


Study Abroad Limited was founded in 2018 for the students who step out and make their careers in foreign lands, with the head office located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Study Abroad Ltd. provides professional consulting services to students, who like to pursue higher education in Canada, the United Kingdom and Europe (Malta, Latvia, Sweden, Hungary, Estonia, and Germany). In last few years of our flawless operations, we have acquired the faith and goodwill of students, colleges and universities.

We are a single source for your Study Abroad Solutions. Executives are always availed to consult on taking your higher education to the next level so you can stay competitive in the global world. We welcome the opportunity to work with you today for tomorrow's better career solutions.

We give all students correct information and guideline to make them successful, to find a better educational institute in a better educational institute in a developed country. It is a business firm solely dedicated to development, promotion and helping students who are interested about studying abroad.

We want the best for you!                                                                              

Our philosophy is that the student comes first. Our counselors work hard to ensure that they help you make an informed decision about your study choices. We will not market a course or an institution to you just because we may gain from it in some way. Instead, our counselors work with you to find out what suits you the best. 


Why Choose Us

“We Bring dreams to reality by providing educational and migration consultancy to international students”. We offer personalized and dedicated support to our clients throughout their entire journey towards achieving education and/or migration goals in studying abroad.

Study Abroad Limited is committed to protect its reputation at any cost without any discrepancies. During the whole process we will be transparent to any student regarding any matter. We will also refund any payment given in advance, if the relevant task is not successful.

We always provide up-to-date information about the education and student visa system of the respective countries. Our company seriously maintains the ethical values in every stage during working with the students and their parents. Also, we would never compromise these values. It always remains alert to protect our reputation or good will for our sustainable presence in the education consultancy world.

Any student can rely upon us about the whole process as we feel the student’s success is our victory. Study Abroad Limited always keen to serve the best education consultancy to international students. Our main areas of consultancy like university and course selection, preparing for the proper documents. Then applying for admission, arranging the university acceptance letter or student visa documents, arranging the on-campus or off-campus accommodation, airport pick-up, etc.

We also assist with the counseling for part time student job during studying, changing the current university or courses. What to do after completion of studies, extending of student visa, applying for post study work or settlement, etc. You can get a complete counseling for your future life or career.

Study Abroad Limited is also working for the spouse visa, dependent visa or family visa to potential countries from Bangladesh. You can get basic ideas about selection of the countries from the useful links of this page. To know more please feel free to contact us now. It is the best platform to study abroad from Bangladesh or elsewhere as the Study Abroad Limited is able to assist students with the best study abroad admission from Bangladesh any part of the world.